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Service Service

Spacious rooms and clean spaces are popular with women. Furthermore, high security and substantial facilities and amenities are attractive.

Points for women 女性に嬉しいポイント

Unlimited amenities & rental exhibition

Point01 取り放題アメニティ&

Free smenities such as makeup remover and milky lotion for female customers. Rental exhibitions such as irons are also substantial.

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Perfect security

Point02 安心万全のセキュリティ

All room entry is done with a card key. In addition, you cannot enter the hotel at night (from midnight to 6:00 in the early morning) except for the card key.

Good breakfast buffet

Point03 こだわり

A Japanese / Western buffet breakfast is available free of charge.

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Happy breakfast project

Vanity sink

Point02 独立洗面化粧台

The bathroom is vanity sink style, with a separate vanity. Very convenient for makeup, etc., you can use it as if you are at home.
* Bath and toilet are integrated.

Full support 充実の安心サポート

Nice service Unlimited amenities

  • Cleansing foam
    Cleansing foam
  • Lotion
  • Emulsion
  • Ladies set
    Ladies set
  • Hair pack
    Hair pack
  • Hair clip
    Hair clip
  • Bath additive
    Bath additive
  • Shoe polisher
    Shoe polisher

Light and beautiful Rental item

  • Negative ion dryer
    Negative ion dryer
  • Facial massager
    Facial steamer
  • hair iron
    Hair iron

Other convenient services
I prepared it.
If you have any problems or questions around the hotel,
Please feel free to tell the front staff.

  • Welcome drink
    Welcome drink Welcome drink are available free of charge. Please enjoy as much as you like when relaxing in your room or departure.
    Available time (12: 00-23: 00)
  • Convenience store
    Convenience store 5 minutes walk to convenience store.
    There is a convenience store within walking distance, which is convenient and safe.
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  2. Member-only price
  3. Up to 9pt awarded for every 100 yen (excluding tax)
  4. Mineral water gifts


*Package plans such as airline tickets, JR trains, rental cars, etc. are external products and are not eligible for Vessel Club Points.