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VISIONTown with you, family

Alone for you and your family. Breakfast to make one day fine. Rooms where you can relax. Smooth location. I want to deliver a worried service that realizes "I A wide array of amenities I was here" right now. I want you and your family to smile and invite you to travel again. You, your family, a hotel loved by this city. Vessel Hotels promises.

MISSIONSince yesterday
Let's improve today.

Make good use of yesterday today. Take advantage of yesterday's reflections. Thank you for coming customers again. Make tomorrow better. Now we can evolve more. To a hotel loved by you and your family. I will not stop the challenge.

VALUESupporting an enjoyable trip
Five promises

We support your day with delicious breakfast including local menu and freshly baked bread.

A nourishing breakfast

We support your day with delicious breakfast including local menu and freshly baked bread.

A sincere smile

In addition to courteous customer service, we make a smile on our customers with our welcome service and member benefits.

A wide array of amenities

We will meet all your needs with high-quality amenities and extensive rental equipment.

A restful night’s sleep

Large rooms and comfortable large beds provide a comfortable night on your journey.

A convenient location

Location where access from station, car access is good. All customers can use it conveniently.

OUTLINECompany information

Trade name Vessel Hotel Development Co., Ltd.
Head office location 720-0077 Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture Minamihonjo
3-chome 4-27
Establishment September 24, 2003
Capital 10 million yen
Closing month March
Shareholder composition Vessel 100% investment
Representative Representative Director and Chairman Makoto Shibuya
Representative Director and President Yoshio Seo
Business description Hotel business and restaurant business
Parking lot management and real estate leasing and management
Tourism area development, planning and management and resort facilities
Major banks Bank of China, Hiroshima Bank, Mizuho Bank, Shoko Chukin Bank, Momiji Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Japan Finance Corporation, Iyo Bank
Vessel Group Vessel Inc.
Vessel Techno Service Co., Ltd.
Shibuya Art Museum

RECRUITEmployment information