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Information on hotel branch locations
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Effective use of land and new business
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LOCATION​ ​Opening conditions

Store opening condition 1

Within a 5-minute walk from the train station
A place with a good view

Store opening condition 2

Available to guests
Places near food and beverage facilities

Store opening condition 3

Total floor area 3,000㎡ or more
Architectural scale (over 130 rooms)

Other conditions

Potential customer accumulation area

Diverse travel demands such as industrial and tourism functions, locations where accommodation demand can be expected, business and tourism.

Station location type

Good location within 5 minutes walking distance from train station.


Located along arterial and semi-arterial roads where commercial facilities accumulate, restaurants and convenience stores are nearby,
A large parking lot is secured on the premises.

Building scale

Total floor area 3,000 m2 or more (130 rooms or more). As for the contract form, we would like to use the building lease method.

​ ​Opening area

Map of Japan

Hokkaido / Tohoku area

  • Hokkaido Sapporo
  • Miyagi Sendai

Kanto / Koshinetsu area

  • Tokyo 23 wards
  • Kanagawa Yokohama City, Kawasaki City
  • Around Chiba Maihama
  • Tochigi Utsunomiya
  • Niigata Niigata

Chubu / Kansai area

  • Shizuoka Shizuoka
  • Kyoto Kyoto
  • Osaka Osaka
  • Hyogo Kobe

Chugoku / Shikoku area

  • Okayama Okayama
  • Hiroshima
  • Kagawa Takamatsu

Kyushu / Okinawa area

  • Fukuoka Fukuoka
  • Nagasaki Nagasaki
  • Kagoshima Kagoshima
  • Okinawa Ishigaki City, Miyakojima City

* Cities with a population of 300,000 or more
(Ordinance-designated city / core city)
That is a guide.


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