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Under the slogan "Let's travel in family size", we offer large and reasonably priced rooms. We offer family-friendly services such as free bed-sharing for children under the age of 18 and 5% off room rates for those over the age of 60.

Points for family 家族に嬉しいポイント

Under 18 years old free of charge

Point01 18歳以下添い寝無料

Children 18 and under stay free when sharing a bed with parents or grandparents. All rooms are 150cm wide queen size beds, so you can keep ample space even when sharing a bed. Even a family of four can stay at the rate of two adults.

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10% OFF for those over 60 years old

Point02 広々とした客室

Single Room of 21 square meters and a twin room of 26 square meters, a 150cm wide bed is provided to a relaxing space for the whole family.

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Good breakfast buffet

Point03 60歳以上の方5%OFF

We have prepared a "60 years old and over limited plan" that is nice for seniors. Guests over the age of 60 can stay at 5% off the special telephone reservation fee. Please call each hotel or make a reservation with the "60+ Limited Plan".

* Please bring your driver's license, health insurance card, my number card, etc. that can confirm your age at check-in. * Discounts are not applied to plans other than those limited to those over 60 years old.

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Up to 23 hours stay

Point04 最長23時間滞在可能

You can stay for 23 hours at check-in 12:00 / check-out 11:00, so you can check in late. Of course, you can leave your baggage before check-in. Please spend at your own pace.

Kids support キッズサポート

Happy Facility

  • Coin laundry
    Coin laundry Fully equipped 24-hour coin laundry. (Paid)
    It is safe even if your child's clothes get dirty.
  • Free parking
    Free parking 116​ free parking lots It is safe for car customers. * Large cars are partially paid
  • Vanity sink
    Vanity sink The bathroom and vanity are separated, so it can be used without being crowded by the family.
  • Air purifier with humidification function
    Air purifier with humidification function At included plasma cluster, keep your room comfortable.

Easy and convenient Rental Items

  • Crib
    Baby bed
  • Bed guard
    Bed guard
  • stroller
  • Bed with wide children's slippers
    Slippers for children ※Only 20cm size
  • Child thermometer
    Thermometer for children
  • Children step stool
    Children's step stool
  • Disposable diapers
    Free:Paper diapers * Size S / M / L
  • Ass wipe
    Towel wipe
  • Diaper trash can
    Diaper trash can
  • Bed mat
    Bedwetting mat
  • Child's toilet seat
    Children's toilet seat
  • Baby chair for breakfast
    Breakfast venue baby chair
  • Tableware for children
    Tableware for children
  • Baby bottle disinfection set
    Baby bottle disinfection set
  • Microwave
  • Picture book
    Picture book
  • Children's toys
    Kids toys
  • DVD player
    DVD player ※not included soft
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste for children
    Toothbrush for children
    tooth paste

Kids Safety Support Program Kids Safety Support Program

Other convenient services
I prepared it.
If you have any problems or questions around the hotel,
Please feel free to tell the front staff.

  • Welcome drink
    Welcome drink Welcome drink are available free of charge. Please enjoy as much as you like when relaxing in your room or departure.
    Available time (12: 00-23: 00)
  • Convenience store
    Convenience store5 minutes walk to convenience store.
    There is a convenience store within walking distance, so it is safe for families with small children.
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  2. Member-only price
  3. Up to 9pt awarded for every 100 yen (excluding tax)
  4. Mineral water gifts


*Package plans such as airline tickets, JR trains, rental cars, etc. are external products and are not eligible for Vessel Club Points.