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With a convenient location as a business base, you will be greeted by spacious rooms, queen size beds, and complimentary breakfast service. Of course, all rooms have free Internet access.

Points for business 便利で嬉しいポイント

Comfortable and comfortable space

Point01 ゆったり快適空間

You can relax in a room about 1.5 times the size of a typical business hotel with a 150m2 bed. In addition, high-speed internet can be enjoyed free of charge in all rooms with Wi-Fi and wired LAN. All rooms are equipped with wide desks that can still afford newspapers and documents.

Free plane parking

Point02 無料の平面駐車場

We have a free parking lot that can accommodate enough. The hotel is located close to the main road and is very convenient for driving by car.
* There is a charge for large vehicles (over 6m / over 4t).

Good breakfast buffet

Point03 早朝6時から営業

Open early in the morning for work and sightseeing customers to enjoy their breakfast. A Japanese / Western buffet breakfast is available free of charge.

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Happy breakfast project Happy breakfast project Happy breakfast project Happy breakfast project Happy breakfast project

Up to 23 hours stay

Point04 ラウンジ

Welcome drink are provided free of charge in the 1st floor lounge. Moisten your dry throat on the move. You can relax before you go to your room or bring it to your room. You can also work in an empty space.

Full support 充実の安心サポート

Happy Facility

  • Coin laundry
    Coin laundry Fully equipped 24-hour coin laundry. (Paid)
    Useful for long stays.
  • Vanity sink
    Vanity sink Vanity stand separate from bathroom. You can use it as if you were at home.
  • Wide desk
    Wide desk Spread newspapers and work at the desk. All rooms have wide desks that are easy to use because of the width.
  • Print free on lobby pc
    Print free lobby pc Internet/Office (Excel/Word) is available in the lobby. Printouts are also available free of charge.

Light and convenient Rental Items

  • Trouser presser
    Trouser presser
  • Rental PC
    Rental PC
  • Blu-ray player rental
    Blu-ray player rental
  • Iron and ironing board
    Iron and ironing board

Other convenient services
I prepared it.
If you have any problems or questions around the hotel,
Please feel free to tell the front staff.

  • Welcome drink
    Welcome drink Welcome drink are available free of charge. Please enjoy as much as you like when relaxing in your room or departure.
    Available time (12: 00-23: 00)
  • Convenience store
    Convenience store 5 minutes walk to convenience store.
    There is a convenience store within walking distance, which is convenient and safe.
    Click here for details
  2. Member-only price
  3. Up to 9pt awarded for every 100 yen (excluding tax)
  4. Mineral water gifts


*Package plans such as airline tickets, JR trains, rental cars, etc. are external products and are not eligible for Vessel Club Points.